APRIL 3 - 9, 2014

IFF Panamá Foundation

The Panama International Film Festival Foundation (PANAMA IFF Foundation) is a nonprofit organization created with the idea of supporting the production of the International Film Festival and promoting the cultural and educational activities that will be carried out as a vital part of the event.

Its members have pledged on national talent and on the possibility of Panama becoming an international center for the seventh art.

Some of the main objectives of the Foundation are:

  • Promote the direct benefits of holding an international film festival in Panama
  • Promote cinematographic activity and related professions
  • Stimulate the national film industry
  • Attract and partake in the exhibition of Latin American and international film
  • Partake in the creation of a film market where producers and distributors gather in Panama with the purpose of acquiring productions, promote the financing of films, and commit their distribution on a global scale
  • Fostering education and cultural development of the country
Board of Directors
  • President: Yasser Williams Arosemena
  • Carlos A. Motta

  • Carmen Alemán

  • Marcela de Pardini

  • Maribel Heilbron

  • Stephan Proaño

  • Olga Sinclair
Honorary Members
  • Daphne Rubin-Vega

  • Raffaella Di Laurentiis

  • Angus MacFayden
Founder/First Director
  • Henk Van der Kolk
  • Terrance Robert Brown
  • Henk Van der Kolk
  • Abner Benaim
  • Luis Pacheco