APRIL 3 - 9, 2014

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Ibero-american Panorama

Smart, inventive and entertaining, our selection of Ibero-American films includes some of the most exciting and internationally celebrated new works from established and emerging filmmakers alike.

Ibero-american Feature Debuts

Be among the first to discover Latin America’s most dynamic emerging directorial voices in this program of first features from a selection of countries.

Special Presentations

Dare to be dazzled by a wide variety of stories and points of view that reflect our commitment to diversity. Each one of these films showcase strong cinematic visions and ways to approach the particular time and circumstances that frame them. 

Stories from Central America and The Caribbean

Films produced within this small group of neighboring and related countries are gaining ground and finding their own voice. IFF Panama is proud of its exclusive forum for showcasing these stories which resonate with us in such a personal way.

International Showcase

From high-profile Oscar contenders, to some of the most ambitious and provocative cinematic visions, our international showcase brings together must-see new films from the world’s most celebrated talents.

Tribute to Luis Tosar

Please join us in celebrating the work of multiple Goya-winning Spanish actor Luis Tosar. From the abusive husband in Take My Eyes, to the formidable convict in Cell 211, to the unemployed dockworker in Mondays in the Sun (02), Tosar has built an outstanding, daring career playing difficult, yet captivating characters.

Latin American Classics

It's just as important to screen the past as it is to screen the present. This program provides an opportunity to enjoy Latin American film classics, screened as they were meant to, in 35 mm, at Anita Villalaz Theatre in the heart of the Casco Viejo.


This varied and selective sample of documentaries encompasses a broad spectrum of themes and bears the stamp of each director.  These films are motivated by filmmakers' fantasies, conflicts or their intense need to express something of essential importance.

Family Corner

A special space for the entire family to come together and enjoy the magic of cinema, this program highlights the best of today’s most colorful family-friendly films─ and provides a glimpse of family life elsewhere.