APRIL 3 - 9, 2014

Tips for Getting the Most out your Festival Experience

Over the course of one week, audiences will have the unique opportunity to watch films from around the world.

Information about programming will be available on the Festival website starting March. You will be able to read all about the movies, directors, purchasing tickets, and you will also be able to watch film trailers.

What happens in a film festival?

A film festival is an event that showcases films from around the globe. In the more prestigious festivals, like IFF Panama, the directors, producers, and actors participate in the screenings, industry events, press gatherings, red carpet galas, workshops and Q & A sessions.  Opportunities abound to mingle with seasoned professionals in the film industry. 

How can I figure out what to watch? I don´t know any of the directors or actors!

No need to be concerned! Our programing team carefully selects films that have proven to be audience pleasers around the world. Many of the films we showcase are award-wining films or critics´ favorites. We are confident that our programing for 2014 will include films that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Here are some tips for selecting which films to watch: 
By director: check out if they have made any other films that you have enjoyed...that’s a good indication that you appreciate a specific director’s style.
By country: you may enjoy cinema from a particular country.
By theme: the films will be catalogued by the themes they explore or grouped by genre, for example, drama, comedy, sports, women, the environment, among others.

By screening time: if you know that you can only go to the cinema every day at 5 p.m., you have your film picked out for you!

Or simply be brave and choose randomly, it’s a good way to explore a different type of cinema.

How do I know which films I may enjoy?

We have films for every taste in movies. Among our selection, we will surely have something that adapts to your preference. Through our social  networks you can ask for recommendations and the festival team will help you determine which films are right for you.

Where is the festival going to take place?

The Multiplaza Cinepolis complex will host, from April 3th to 9th, many of the IFF Panama 2014 screenings. In addition to the films, IFF Panama will also offer at Cinepolis panels and workshops for film industry professionals and for the general public, especially for those interested in learning about  film production and the filmmaking process.

Will there be parking?

Yes, there will be parking available.

When can I buy tickets?

Stay tuned for announcements regarding ticket sales. They will be available on the weeks prior to the Festival. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest news. 

Is it necessary to buy tickets ahead of time?

Our most important recommendation is don’t wait until the last minute. In general, film festival tickets sell out quickly. Each film will be screened a maximum of two times and the seating capacity of the theaters is limited, so it’s best to ensure your ticket than to be left out!

What is the RUSH LINE?

The RUSH LINE is a last minute line that allows those who were not able to buy tickets prior to this date, to buy tickets the day of the screening.  You can get in the RUSH LINE 15 minutes before the beginning of the screening, wait for our personnel to count unoccupied seats and then buy tickets according to seat availability.

We recommend that if you have already purchased a ticket, make sure to get to the theater early; if you get there less than 15 minutes before the beginning of the show, you will not have access to go in because… everyone in the RUSH LINE will be waiting ahead of you!

Are there awards?

IFF Panama 2014 believes in the decision-making power of the Panamanian public through its audience awards. With their vote, viewers select crowd-pleasing films, thus fostering their path to success. The audiences´ passion for "the other cinema" demonstrates to distributors and cinema complexes that international films can become box office hits. 

In 2013’s edition, the Spanish film "Ghost Graduation" won the Copa Airlines Audience Award for Best Film. “Paraíso for Sale”, by Panamanian Director Anayansi Prado, earned the MasterCard Audience Award for Best Central American Film, and the Argentinean film "Mercedes Sosa: The Voice of Latin America" won the Revista K – La Prensa Audience Award for Best Documentary.

Do I have to dress formally for the Red Carpet events?

No, there are no dress codes. But it’s a great opportunity to bring out the evening gowns and other gala attire!

Experience and enjoy the festival! Try dinner-and-a-movie at Casco Viejo. You never know where you may meet your favorite director!

How can I find out what’s going on in the festival?

The best way is to visit our website regularly and to subscribe to our newsletter to receive festival information. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive our news instantly!